Important Jubilee Bank Holiday 2022 Timesheet/payment Deadlines

Jubilee Bank Holiday is fast approaching which means there will be shorter deadlines within
the payroll department at P.I.E.R Ltd.

Please find listed our cut off times for timesheets and payment days and when you can
expect funds to reach your bank account.

Week Ending 29.05.2022

Timesheets need to reach the office by 10am on Friday 27th May in order to be processed.

Payroll closes at 5pm on Friday 27th May. Payment will reach bank accounts on Wednesday 1st June 2022.

Funds will clear by 5:30pm on the designated payment date – the time Of receipt may vary depending on the bank/building society the Contractor uses.

Please ensure Timesheets are sent on to P.I.E.R via the following way:

Scan and (no pictures and must be signed)
Post to:P.I.E.R Ltd, The Business Centre, Cardiff House, Cardiff Road, CF63
Bring in:Bring your timesheets to the office or post through the door clearly
printing P.I.E.R CONSULTING LTD on the envelope
Fax:(01446) 688 887

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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