M & E Apprenticeships

Our M&E Apprenticeships scheme enables you to increase your labour force without committing to any long-term training or unnecessary paperwork.

P.I.E.R and BESA Apprenticeships Programme

One of the biggest roadblocks stopping clients within our industry from taking on an apprentice is the lack of reliable work. Without reliable work, committing to ongoing training is virtually impossible. To combat this problem, and to support young workers looking to enter the Building Service industry, we have partnered with BESA to form our own apprenticeship programme.

Flexible Apprentices to Grow your Workforce

The concept is simple. You pay an hourly rate for an apprentice, in the same way you would for any other tradesperson within the M&E sector. Within the rate we charge for an apprentice, we’ll cover all of the associated fees, and sort the paperwork. Their hourly rate will pay for their:

  • College attendance payments
  • Tuition fees
  • PPE costs
  • Tool costs
  • Site assessment costs

Support the M&E Industry

The government’s apprentice levy scheme has caused considerable confusion for many within our sector. With our scheme, you can invest and support our industry, as well as investing in a young apprentice, giving them the opportunity to begin a lucrative and rewarding career.

How does the M&E Apprentice Scheme work?

Once you’ve decided you would like to support an M&E apprentice, they will work for you on a temporary basis. Typically, initial agreements will be a total of 4 years – until the apprenticeship has been completed. However, if circumstances change and you aren’t able to support an apprentice for the duration of the 4 years, it’s not a problem. Give us 4 weeks notice and we will place your apprentice with another contractor.

Apprentices who have worked through our scheme have benefitted from a broad range of experiences across a variety of different sites and clients.

To find out more about supporting an M&E apprentice, give Paul, our Managing Director, a call directly.

  • Air Conditioning Apprenticeships
  • Building Services Apprenticeships
  • Domestic Heating Apprenticeships
  • Electrotechnical Apprenticeships
  • Heating & Ventilation Apprenticeships
  • Refrigeration Apprenticeships
  • Services & Maintenance Apprenticeships
  • Engineering Apprenticeships
  • Ductwork Apprenticeships
  • Plumbing Apprenticeships
  • Pipefitting Apprenticeships
  • Pipefitter / Welder Apprenticeships
  • Electrician Apprenticeships

To apply for a BESA apprenticeship through our scheme, you need to complete the application for a BESA M&E apprenticeship.  To be considered for our scheme, please remember to reference that you would like to apply through P.I.E.R.

The process is simple, and you can apply at any time. Once you have been accepted, your apprenticeship programme can begin as soon as you have been assessed, and taken on by an employer.

Newport & Cwmbran
South Wales (Cardiff & Vale)
South Midlands

The above shows a small selection of projects where we have supplied staff for M&E Apprenticeships