Our Process

We provide an end to end service that goes much further than just supplying labour.

The changing landscape of contracting workers

Temporary contracting has changed dramatically since P.I.E.R was established 15 years ago, and even more so since Paul, Pier’s Director began working in the construction industry 28 years ago. With almost 3 decades of experience, we have honed our process to provide the best possible service to our clients.

In today’s candidate-short market, workers often have the choice of several projects at once. Now, more than ever before, it’s important to consider every aspect of your project to ensure that you receive maximum value for your money. At Pier, our foolproof process enables you to avoid high staff turnover, and instead, retain skilled workers for the duration of your project

Early engagement is key to secure the workforce you need to take your project from concept to completion.


Get in touch with us as early as possible during your project timeline.

We can build a bespoke and flexible workforce that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Good, effective recruitment of skilled workers takes time, planning and care. 

  • We’ll start by finding out more about your project, including your timeframe, location, required skills and current workforce. 
  • Based on your timeframe, we’ll agree the date you need your positions to be filled.
  • You’ll receive honest communication regarding the availability of Pier workers, including any difficulties we may face in sourcing candidates.


You focus on your project and we’ll deal with the details. We advise you on legal requirements, pay rates, and training for both your flexible workers and permanent staff.

  • Legislation for agency workers can be a minefield, but we’ll do the hard work for you. We’ll understand how you want workers to be engaged on your project, and confirm the type of engagement with both you and your Pier workers. Find out more on our Workforce Options page.
  • You want to attract and retain good workers, and good workers know their value. When it comes to a worker accepting a contract, everything from pay to parking costs, travel time and working hours are considered. Pay rates have a direct impact on the productivity and retention of your workforce, so we always keep a close eye on market rates.
  • By offering a range of accredited training courses (including BESA training), to suit your specific project, we can fill any skills gaps your temporary workers may have, as well as upskill your own workforce.


We deliver a full package at every stage of your project. 

  • For every potential candidate we select for your project, you’ll receive an individual overview, along with their work history, qualifications, training certificates, and previous references. When you’ve selected your workers, they’ll arrive on site fully insured.
  • If your needs change as your project progresses, we’ll know about it. Regular site visits and open communication with our clients helps us to ensure that your Pier workforce is truly flexible. As your project develops, we’ll adjust your workforce to ensure you always receive workers who will add value to your project.
  • We maintain constant communication with our workers. If any issues arise that may affect your project, we’ll let you know.