ABInbev, Magor Brewery

Location: Magor


Electrical Labour Supply:-

The brewery was built by Whitbread in 1979. Following Whitbread’s decision to sell its breweries and brewing interests in 2000, it came into the ownership of Interbrew. The brewery produces keg, bottled and canned beer.

One of our projects for a long-standing client involved mobilising a number of very experienced electricians in order to assist with the installation of a new Budweiser line in the brewery. Due to the type of electrical installation required, we knew that every electrician needed to have exceptional skills and a great deal of experience.

After contacting suitable electricians from our database, we began to fill the spaces required for the project, focusing on quality over quantity. From previous projects completed, we were already aware of the calibre of electrician our client would be looking for.

Pier electricians have now been on site for over 4 months. Our client has reported that every single electrician has been tremendous, and worked hard on all aspects of the project. We would like to give special thanks to our electricians, mates and improvers who have worked for us on this project.