CINEMA, Bridgend

Location: Bridgend, South Wales


Carpentry Labour Supply – Form recommendation from one of our recruitment friends, a new client over working from Ireland made enquiries to recruitment a local recruiter that is not in the construction market and passed our details to assist the client with labour for a 12 week fit out.

Pier established what the client needed and assured our abilities of being able to assist in recruiting a team of shop fitting carpenters for a 12 weeks re-fit of this cinema in Bridgend converting from an ordinary cinema and changing it to a deluxe updated cinema, we recruited a team of shopfitters that were to carry out ply work, skirting and joist work working on a 5 day week 12 hour days. We have maintained good communication with the site on a weekly basis checking on progress of the workers, with all work being completed as required, with the cinema due to be completed just before Christmas 2022