Diagnostics Hanger, Glasgow

Location: Cumbernauld Airport, Glasgow


Electrical Labour Supply:-

Project: Aeroplane Diagnostics Hanger, Cumbernauld Airport, Glasgow  

Labour Supply: following on from our successful project at Bro Tathan, Our client offered our Electricians longevity of work and to undertake another diagnostics hanger in Glasgow.

With our new client being impressed with the workmanship and the commitment to the work we were able to negotiate our labour to work away from home over a period of 4 weeks to completely install the electrical installation of this new hanger.

With more work pending in the new year at Bro Tathan we are looking forward to working with CCS well into 2022, and bringing the team of experienced electricians back to a project to deliver some more impressive hanger space at Bro Tathan.