Energy Centre, South Wales



A project we were asked to take on for an existing customer but different division. Our task was to recruit suitable mechanical trades for a large scale energy centre and steam plant room. We had to source a number of Pipefitters that had experience with the installation of 10″ Carbon stainless steel pipework that were flanged / bolted and also a number of Coded Welders to ASME 9 6G & 1G standard with specific coding for pipework thickness on carbon & stainless pipework:

The pipefitters had to be capable and able to carry out works that was installing prefabricated pipework and brackets in a new Energy centre, they had to have IPAF for high level working, and also be able to work on the screwed iron pipework that needed installation, and be used to working on heavy pipe spools.

Knowing the importance of getting this right and matching the workers to the environment we set about getting messages out to the most experienced workers we had registered on our database with a number of applicants coming back to us, that required some very careful sifting through ensuring that we were only choosing potential candidates that fitted the environment and the description works to be carried out on site. Once we had completed the shortlisting of the candidates we only submitted the candidates that we were very confident would be successful with the level of experience and credentials that would get the positions that our client required.

We successfully submitted 4 Pipefitters and 3 coded welders all of whom were accepted, and offered the positions for our client and have all been working extremely well and will be completing the project within the next 4 weeks.