Flats, Dumballs Road

Location: Cardiff, South Wales


Electrical Labour Supply – 62 Placements

A project we have been working on since September 2021, supplying not only all the electrical labour on but also Mechanical labour. Pier was first contacted by a an old client contact that had recently moved companies and asked us if we could help deliver the labour for this project, with initial discussions on the rates due to the current demand and the challenges of the location of this project, we set to work on attracting the levels and calibre of labour required.

This project is due to complete by the end of 2022, and the construction n of 207 flats will be completed, we have had to deal with many challenges along teh way to ensure labour retention from restrictive or costly parking the location presents next to no free parking near by, this saw teh start time changing to 6.30am start to try and accommodate the use of free street parking, right in the middle of the project we also experienced market rate increases, which saw the project for a short period turn over some labour as contractors seek higher pad rates brought on by the cost of living crisis, that meant we had to negotiate a reveiw to ensure retuention of labour was met for the demand of work to be completed as such a crucial time of the project.

We are in regular contact with the client site team as well as all our workers which at peak was 32 electrical operatives, Electricians, Improvers, Testers and Supervision and although there has been many challenges to overcome along the way, 80% of the work force we have supplied to this project have been on site since September 2021