Luxury Flats, Penarth

Location: Penarth, South Wales



A project from a very long standing client, that required an electrical tester, for the inspection and testing of a refurb / extension of luxury apartments.

We present the successful sourcing and deployment of an experienced electrical operative for a client who required meticulous inspection and testing of electrical installations in newly constructed luxury apartments. The operative’s expertise in electrical testing, possession of their own testing kit, and ability to provide detailed reports for remedial works played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of the projects.

During the inspection process, our operative diligently documented any identified issues or non-compliance with regulations. His reports provided clear and precise descriptions of the problems encountered, along with recommended remedial actions. This level of detail enabled the client’s maintenance team to swiftly address any identified issues, ensuring that the apartments met all necessary safety standards.

Impressed with the professionalism, expertise, and the quality of his reports, the client extended his engagement to include testing other projects within their portfolio. The client expressed their satisfaction with his ability to consistently deliver reliable and accurate assessments, allowing them to address potential risks and maintain their reputation for high-quality construction.

By successfully sourcing and deploying an experienced electrical operative, our client was able to ensure the safety and compliance of electrical installations in their luxury apartment buildings. His expertise, testing kit, and clear reporting enabled the timely identification and remediation of any issues. The client’s satisfaction and continued engagement with, this underscored the success of our sourcing process and the importance of selecting highly skilled professionals for critical projects.