Midland Metropolitan Hospital, Birmingham

Location: Birmingham


Mechanical Labour Supply:-

The 670-bed Midland Metropolitan Hospital will offer maternity, children’s and inpatient adult facilities to half a million people. Located in Smethwick, the hospital will remain the closest acute hospital to the centre of Birmingham that caters for both adults and children.

Labour Supply: Following on from other successful projects with our client we were asked to provide additional labour to this project for the copper pipework installation for the medical gasses

Pier stepped to the challenge with not completing many projects in this area previously, we advised our client that good recruitment for these operatives will take some extra time, due to needing to make sure we carried out a detailed recruitment process of worker skills, previous work history, qualification checks and reference checking to ensure the quality of labour we were to provide was of the standard they required Pier managed to peak on 12 Mechanical Operatives, from Plumbers, Pipefitters & Mates experienced in commercial copper pipework installation