Morfa Road, Swansea Student Accommodation

Location: Swansea


M&E Labour Supply – 484 individual suites, 192 ensuite rooms with shared lounges & kitchens, as well as 30 additional ‘accessible’ rooms. The ground floor amenity space contains a cinema, library, gym and large recreation area with a fun spiral chute, which is accessed from the second floor.  

A project for a longstanding client of Pier. Several of our workers who had previously been engaged by this client were requested back due to their skills and experience.

Providing workers that meet and exceed our clients standard for the required installation is our focus, and the way we retain clients long-term.

In the photos on this page you’ll see some of our workers, including Euan Lamont. Euan began his career in construction as a Pier apprentice. He successfully enrolled on the Industrial and Commercial Pipefitting apprenticeship with our partner BESA, and he has now gained a 

full-time position with our client to continue his apprenticeship. Well done Euan!