Plasterboard Factory, Bristol

Location: Avonmouth, Bristol


Mechanical Labour Supply: Working with an existing client that we have been dealing with only since 2022, we have built up a great working relationship working together with our client advising on calibre of labour available, market rates, suitability of candidates for different roles, that has grown into a two way understanding.

For this project we were tasked with sourcing very experienced pipefitters for a enormous building, these individuals needed to have a great understating of all aspects of pipefitting works of all aspects. Our client required individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in various types of pipework installations, including screwed iron, gas mains pipework, plant rooms, and copper mapress. The project demanded a high standard of installation, necessitating the recruitment of skilled pipefitters with a proven track record.

The project scope included screwed iron pipework for plumbing systems, gas mains pipework for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, plant room installations, and copper mapress for sanitary applications. The project’s success relies heavily on the expertise and experience of the pipefitters responsible for the installations. The pipefitters we sourced for our client’s construction project in Avonmouth are proving to be highly skilled and experienced in their field. Their extensive knowledge of the specific pipework requirements, combined with their ability to work to a high standard of installation, is ensuring the successful execution of the project.

Throughout the project, the pipefitters demonstrated their proficiency in interpreting technical drawings and specifications accurately, allowing them to execute the installations with precision. Their problem-solving skills played a crucial role in overcoming unexpected challenges, contributing to the smooth progress of the project.