RAF St Mawgan, Cornwall, Water Tank Refurb

Location: Cornwall


Specialist Blaster / Sprayer Labour Supply:-

A self-delivered refurbishment of a disused water tower at an MOD base. 

Our client contacted Pier to assist in sourcing the required labour as well as costing the project.

Pier have strong connections with experts in various areas of construction, and so we contacted an ex-client (now retired) who previously owned a shot blasting and spray-painting business. His expertise was utilised on a consultancy basis, to provide a cost during an initial meeting as well as help source labour.

After an initial meeting and cost was provided, Pier advised on the best places to source materials, and suggested experienced contacts who would be able to carry out the shot blasting work required for this project.

Once the workers were confirmed, we gathered the information required for them to pass through MOD clearance, and identified that training would need to be re-taken due to the nature of the work being carried out in a confined space. Pier organised working arrangements and confined space training on behalf of the client, as well as sourcing the labour from Newcastle. Van hire and accommodation for workers were arranged by the client with our assistance.
Pier were able to ensure all elements were in place for the successful delivery of a project our client wanted to self-deliver.