Train Sheds, Taffs Well, South Wales



A project working with an existing mechanical client again, looking for us to source, reliable and experienced pipefitters for a new project on the construction of the new train sheds, that will service trains for the new metro lines.

We focus on the successful sourcing of highly skilled and dependable pipefitters for an existing client project. The client required experienced pipefitters who could work independently and deliver high-quality mechanical installations of pipework, plant rooms, and various piping materials. Two exemplary pipefitters from our team were not only able to meet these stringent requirements but also impressed the client to the extent that they were offered permanent positions within our client.

Two pipefitters, James and Danny, emerged as the most qualified candidates based on the client’s requirements and the internal assessment process. Both possessed extensive experience in mechanical installation, with a proven ability to work alone and deliver exceptional results. Their dedication to maintaining high standards of workmanship, coupled with their expertise in working with copper and iron pipework, made them ideal choices for the project.

The client was highly impressed with James and Danny’s work ethic, technical proficiency, and their ability to complete tasks to an exceptional standard. They were quick to recognise their value and subsequently offered them permanent employment, This outcome reflects not only the effectiveness of our sourcing strategy but also the outstanding skills and commitment demonstrated by these pipefitters.

This demonstrates the successful sourcing of experienced and reliable pipefitters for a demanding project. By leveraging our internal resources and expertise, we were able to identify individuals who not only met the client’s stringent requirements but also exceeded their expectations. The client’s decision to offer permanent employment to James and Danny serves as a testament to their exceptional skills and the positive impact they made on the project. Our company’s commitment to providing the highest quality personnel ensures continued success in meeting our clients’ needs and building lasting partnerships.