Tredegar Well Being Centre, Tredegar

Location: Tredegar, Gwent, South Wales.


Mechanical & Electrical Labour Supply: A project from a long standing client with high expectations of calibre of labour required for their projects they put trust in our team to ensure we deliver and advise of market rates and calibre of labour required.

we will explore the successful sourcing and deployment of highly skilled mechanical and electrical operatives for a new build wellbeing centre project in Tredegar. Our client, with whom we had completed numerous projects previously, entrusted us with the task of providing a skilled workforce including pipefitters, plumbers, electricians, and electrical improvers. The requirement was to supply operatives of the highest caliber who could meet the project’s needs and requirements. Additionally, we ensured that the operatives received necessary additional training, such as Asbestos Awareness, Working at Height, IPAF, and Manual Handling, prior to commencing work on the project.

Our client, a prominent M&E Contractor has a long-standing relationship with us and had consistently relied on our services to deliver high-quality projects. Understanding their expectations and requirements, we were committed to sourcing a competent and trained workforce that would meet their standards and contribute to the successful completion of the new build wellbeing centre project in Tredegar.

The carefully selected operatives have successfully executed their respective tasks, ensuring the installation of mechanical and electrical systems in compliance with industry regulations and project specifications. Their attention to detail, combined with their extensive experience in new build projects, has resulted in high-quality workmanship that aligns with our client’s expectations.

Additionally, the additional training provided to the operatives, including Asbestos Awareness, Working at Height, IPAF, and Manual Handling, has further enhanced their skillset and safety awareness. This proactive approach has resulted in a safer work environment and improved operational efficiency on the project.