University Hospital, Croydon



“In an unexpected turn, our enduring client in need of supplementary electrical support in the bustling realm of London beckoned us for urgent aid. A critical project demanded immediate attention to meet impending handover deadlines, prompting a swift call to action.

The exigency entailed rallying a cadre of Electricians and Improvers to swiftly converge upon the site, their expertise tailored for the intricate tapestry of tasks—installing fire dampers, orchestrating containment systems, navigating FP200 intricacies, mastering metal containment, and finessing control wiring.

Our concerted efforts swiftly unfurled. We dispatched messages far and wide, summoning the closest, most adept labour in our roster, mindful of minimizing travel hurdles and exorbitant parking expenses in the confines of a space-constrained locale. Within a mere 48 hours, a cohort of highly qualified candidates emerged, meticulously vetted and endorsed by references, primed precisely for this pivotal project.

Each member of this assembled workforce has not just met but exceeded the expectations of both our esteemed client and the site’s diligent team. Their relentless dedication persists as they remain steadfast on-site, their collective aim fixed upon wrapping up the remaining tasks within a fortnight, an unwavering commitment ensuring the timely completion of this crucial undertaking.”