P.I.E.R Become Members of Building Services Employment Agency Alliance

Towards the end of 2016, P.I.E.R underwent a rigours audit with external auditors EXOVA. The audit consisted of a number of key commitments in how we supply labour to the Building services Industry, resulting in our application being accepted.

The Alliance has been established by (BESA) The Building Engineering Services Association as a unique grouping of employment agencies which supply personnel to contractors across the building services engineering industry. Formation of the Alliance recognises the increasingly important role that employment agencies are playing in the sector’s supply chain – along with a need for clear standards by which our performance can be judged.

This places us at the vanguard of developments in industry manpower matters which the Alliance represents, the alliance is continually striving to help its members differentiate themselves in the market place as agencies which can demonstrate that they conduct their business according to the professional standards demanded of Alliance membership as distinct from those which are unable to meet the necessary quality criteria.

This is another added accreditation to our business, that we are proud to have gone through and adds to the robustness of our business going forward into 2017 and beyond.


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