“We Are NOT Pier Recruitment Agency Ltd”

Wales Online, Local Press, Recruitment Press and the Tabloids have recently highlighted adverts used by a Company called “Pier Recruitment Agency Limited” on their social media accounts which caused controversy in the Industry that many people felt to be tasteless and unprofessional.

Unfortunately for us our recruitment business has similar name (P.I.E.R ltd) and already we have had a number of calls from concerned clients, candidates and the media mistaking us for the company in the news.

We would like to clarify that P.I.E.R Limited has no connections at all to Pier Recruitment Agency Limited.

We adhere to all legislative requirements and pride ourselves on our reputation and expertise gathered over 50 years of combined experience operating for 10 years in the Construction Recruitment Market supporting our valued clients and Workers.

We are a member of the national professional body for recruiters in the UK, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and adhere to their code of conduct which sets the highest standards for ethical behaviour in recruitment.

Recruitment is a people business, trust is paramount to our success. 

We really hope jobseekers and employers in Building, Housing, Construction, M&E Building Services and Engineering Industries don’t confuse us with the company whose adverts have come in for considerable criticism.

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