12 years in Construction Recruitment : 5 Reasons to Celebrate

P.I.E.R Ltd Celebrates its 12th year in Construction Recruitment




In the office today we have been reflecting on how far we have come and our achievements since we were founded.

With Paul Ingram at the helm we have introduced new departments to the business, broadening our offering to clients. This has resulted in the need to double our staff. Since 2013 we have established a new apprenticeship scheme, playing a part in increasing the number of skilled workers in the building services industry (where there has been a significant shortage). We also founded a subsidiary company Pier Resources & Training to provide easy access to training courses & certification for our clients & workers.

Below are listed some facts that show how much we have developed as a business:

  1. In 12 years we have developed relationships with nearly 500 clients in the Construction and M&E industry.
  2. Pier has built a strong database of over 28,000 candidates across England and Wales.
  3. We have grown our business across the bridge from Cardiff. We are now making a name for ourselves on sites as far as London, Plymouth, Cornwall, Oxford, Bristol, Scotland, Swindon, Nottingham, Bath, Gloucester & Cheltenham to name a few new areas.
  4. In 2016 we featured on the Fast Growth 50 list for achieving 90.7% growth between 2013 and 2015.
  5. Since 2013 we have filled over 37,000 time sheets totalling a staggering  1.4 million hours of work for our recruits!

We are proud of what we have achieved to date and excited for what 2018 and beyond may bring!



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