The Best Labourers in Wales?

We always try to show our appreciation to our workers on site, and every now and then we get someone who really stands out for their hard work.

This time, we’d like to thank two workers that come as a pair: father and son duo Wayne and Dan.

Wayne & Dan have been on our books as labourers since 2017 and have worked on a range of different projects through Pier, from new housing developments, to Welsh Water sites, to city student accommodation. We think a shout out is well deserved for these two. Our M&E Resourcer Sophie tells us why:

Wayne and Dan are top guys.  They are always friendly, polite and nice to speak to.  Whenever we call they are always grateful for a placement and jump at the chance to work.  No matter the type of work we never hear any complaints from them, they get on with the job at hand.  Last summer we had a placement in Swindon which they agreed to take on, travelling all the way from the Rhondda and finding digs in a campsite for a few weeks!  We know that our clients will always be happy with them on site too, with a 100% satisfaction rate from every customer.

Wayne & Dan labourers Swindon
Wayne & Dan at their campsite in Summer 2018

We aren’t the only ones to be singing their praises, with a glowing review from their latest project:

Wayne and Dan Jones are really hard-working individuals with a fresh enthusiastic attitude towards work.  Both have been tasked with different types of work throughout the project and every task has been completed without hassle.  Pleasure to have them on site.

Chris Carmody, Mechanical Projects Engineer

Dodd Group (Cymru)

Thank you Wayne & Dan!  As a sign of our gratitude for your hard work you will each receive a £20 Amazon voucher.

labourers cardiff

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Or want to have Wayne and Dan come work for you?

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